Gas FlareStalker Energy, L.P. is a natural gas and oil exploration and development company, established in 2003 with offices in Houston and Austin. Principals of Stalker have worked successfully together prior to forming Stalker since 1983. Stalker is privately funded allowing flexibility, creativity and the ability to act quickly.

Since 2003 Stalker has participated in approximately 150 wells, with a high degree of economic success, as well as six production sales allowing the company to remain streamlined and focused on building value.

Stalker’s team of geoscientists generate prospects internally as well as evaluate opportunities submitted by others. Stalker is seeking investment opportunities onshore in Texas and Louisiana, including opportunities to leverage its expertise with other companies, individuals and mineral owners.

If you are interested in learning more about our current projects, or have an opportunity to submit, please contact our Austin office or Houston office.

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